Арт.:№ Coupé 3320 R
305 270 ₽
The Coupé series, designed by Joe Colombo, was initially conceived as a variation of the Spider family, created by the same designer, of which it has kept its base and stem. The simple, ingenious mechanism that connects the stem to the head makes it possible to direct the beam in several directions, by moving the dome up, down and sideways.

In 1968, Coupé won the ”International Design Award” of the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago. It is part of the permanent collection at both the MoMA in New York and the ”Neue Sammlung” Museum in Munich.

Available in two versions, with either a semi-cylindrical or a semi-spherical dome, over the years, many models of Coupé have been created (ranging between the historic table lamp to the floor and wall lamps), becoming one of the most renowned and appreciated Oluce collections.
Floor lamp giving direct light, metal lacquered base and structure, revolving and height adjustable chromium-plated arc, lacquered aluminium reflector.
Светильники итальянской компании Oluce — это не модный аксессуар, а настоящие иконы дизайна у вас дома. Это необходимый предмет интерьера для тех, кто ценит искусство жить в удовольствие, в окружении красивых и качественных вещей находящихся в собраниях каждого музея дизайна.
Величайший мастер дизайна Вико Маджистретти на протяжении долгого времени занимал пост художественного директора и главного дизайнера, что открыло дорогу новым, поразительным проектам.

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